Friday, April 13, 2012


Twelfth Night shows a female character who masquerades as a man:

Imogen Stubbs as Viola/Cesario

Helen Hunt as Viola in Twelfth Night - begin at 1:46


Monologue illuminates her character - Emma Thompson in Much Ado, 1993

Dialogue illuminates further, with Benedick as foil - Thompson and Kenneth Branagh in Much Ado

Shakespeare's People

Items for today's lecture:

Henry V 1989- Branagh

Henry V - 1944 - Olivier - note clanking of armour

Renaissance Man - Gregory Hines, Lillo Brancato, Danny DeVito 1994



1990 - Iam Holm, Nathaniel Parker, Helena Bonham Carter

2000 - Bill Murray, Liev Shreiber, Julia Stiles

Gilligan's Island - Alan Hale Jr, Dawn Wells, Bob Denver, Tina Louise, Jim Backus 1964-7

This Is Hamlet - Howard Swain, Nicholas Pelczar, Anna Bullard - Stanford University 2010d

Richard III

Ian McKellen, Maggie Smith 1995

Kevin Spacey

Craig Ferguson

Goodbye Girl - Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Benedict



Anthony Heald OSF