Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Class One: Historical Overview of Japanese Americans in the Columbia River Basin

Washington State University has developed a great website about the history of Japanese Americans in our region. This should keep you busy for a few days!

Assoc. Prof. of History
Dr. Laurie Mercier
outlines several areas of study:

First Arrivals and Their Labors

Establishing Communities

Resisting Discrimination

Japanese American Associations and Culture

Japanese Americans and World War II

Recovering Community and Remembering History in the Postwar Era


You may have visited the nearby Japanese Gardens in Portland. But did you know that there is a memorial to the Japanese who were interned? The Japanese American Historical Plaza features stones carved with the memories of internees.

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bob said...

I think residents of the area surrounding the confluence of the Columbia and Snake rivers—a region centering on the Tri-Cities, Washington metropolitan area—use the term "Columbia Basin" to refer to their own, much smaller region.
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