Monday, October 11, 2010

The Right to Offend: Defending Free Speech on the Internet

Let's hear from Australian media commentator Cassandra Wilkinson on the dangers to children related to the internet:

Who is this woman, anyway? Pluto Press lists her author biography this way:
Cassandra Wilkinson is a public-access media advocate, a winning short play writer and co-founder and president of Australia's only all Australian music radio station, FBi FM Sydney.

Cassandra has been a senior political advisor to the NSW Treasurer and other Labor Ministers, and the devoted mother of Holiday, parliamentary wife and one time guitarist with obscure '90s fuzz-pop band Raymond Luxury Yacht.

She has half a degree in fine arts and theatre, half a degree in economics and one whole degree in politics. Cassandra lives in Bundeena with her family and visiting deer.

Interestingly, The Australian newspaper notes her law enforcement background: Cassandra Wilkinson is a director in the NSW public service and was a senior adviser to two former police ministers.

What do you think of her contentions related to the balancing the dangers of the internet and the right of free speech?

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