Thursday, March 31, 2011

Second Amendment: Duel Over Gun Control in America

Today begins the first of five sessions on the Second Amendment. It promises to be a thought-provoking examination of different viewpoints.

Here are some of the clips we considered:

Fred Friendly's 1984 video series: Constitution, That Delicate Balance

School Prayer, Gun Control and the Right to Assemble Arthur Miller leads a roundtable discussion simulation - begin 34:10 - 41:38)

Second Amendment Timeline by Annenberg (open PDF)

Second Amendment in the News: Sharron Angle
(end at 5:09)

Hannity on Violent Rhetoric

CSPAN Classroom - Lott on Gun Bans

Supreme Court oral argument in District of Columbia vs. Heller

Judge Laurence Silberman on his ruling in favor of right to keep and bear arms
(influenced Heller case)

Stephen Breyer on the Framers and the Second Amendment
(to 5:21)

ACLU on 2nd Amendment post-Heller

Commentator on DC vs. Heller (SC 2008 4:01)

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