Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Second Amendment: Politics of the Matter

Hillary Clinton's campaign attacked Barack Obama when she was running against him for the Democratic nomination. Here's a look at the piece they mailed out. Double click on the image to enlarge.


There were ads from the Republican National Committee against Obama regarding his stance on Second Amendment rights. You can view one by clicking here.

Obama talked about the issues during the campaign. Here's an excerpt from one of his speeches:

When he was elected, there was an upswing in gun sales because of fear that he would restrict gun sales. Click here for some stories about this.

Steve Chapman, a columnist and editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune, analyzes some of the recent politics of the Second Amendment in a piece from February 2010, Obama Spurns Gun Control: Why the anti-gun lobby is disappointed with Obama's first year

A guest writer at Floyd Reports claimed the President is waiting for an opportunity to take action against the Second Amendment in a piece published online at the end of last month, Obama's Gun Grab? It's a Matter of Time.

Now read Obama's own thoughts on the subject as President, in an opinion editorial he wrote published in the Arizona Daily Star in mid March: We Must Seek Agreement on Gun Reforms

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Carl R Triebs said...

Holly - Obama seems to have flip-flopped on this issue. One can offer the spin that as a state legislator, he saw that local conditions called for more stringent gun controls. At the Federal level, he is more relaxed, although stricter control of gun sales and sellers is clearly needed, and many states just won't do anything. Helas, politicians will say just about anything when in the heat of an election. So what else is new?

mommapolitico said...

Copy this into your browser, Holly - AlterNet link to a post similar to my "Undercover Liberal at The Gun Show" but more extreme. Scary stuff, but you may want to share it with your class.


Thanks for all the links - off to explore!