Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lester Cole

Between 1932 and 1947 Cole wrote more than forty screenplays that were made into motion pictures. After his blacklisting, just three screenplays were made into films, only after friends, and wife Gerald L.C. Copley, Lewis Copley, and J. Redmond Prior, submitted the screenplays under their names.

His best-known work was the highly successful 1966 film Born Free.

Film Clip: Objective, Burma!

1966 Born Free (screenplay / originally as Gerald L.C. Copley)
1965 Onkelchens Traum (TV movie)
1961 Operation Eichmann (written by / originally as Lewis Copley)
1950 Chain Lightning (story "These Many Years" / originally as J. Redmond Prior)
1947 High Wall
1947 Fiesta
1946 Strange Conquest (story)
1945 Men in Her Diary (adaptation)
1945 Blood on the Sun (screenplay)
1945 Objective, Burma! (screenplay)
1943 Hostages (writer)
1943 The Good Fellows (contract writer - uncredited)
1943 Night Plane from Chungking (screenplay)
1941 Pacific Blackout (screenplay)
1941 Among the Living (screenplay / story)
1941 Bad Men of Missouri (contributing writer - uncredited)
1941 Footsteps in the Dark (screenplay)
1940 The Invisible Man Returns (screenplay)
1939 The Big Guy (screenplay)
1939 I Stole a Million (story)
1939 Winter Carnival (writer)
1939 Pirates of the Skies (story "Sky Police")
1938 Secrets of a Nurse (screenplay)
1938 Sinners in Paradise (screenplay)
1938 The Crime of Doctor Hallet (screenplay / story)
1938 Midnight Intruder (screenplay)
1938 The Jury's Secret (story and screenplay)
1937 The Man in Blue (screenplay)
1937 Affairs of Cappy Ricks (original screenplay)
1936 The President's Mystery (screenplay)
1935 Hitch Hike Lady (screenplay)
1935 Dante's Inferno (contributor to treatment - uncredited)
1934 Nada más que una mujer (screenplay)
1934 Charlie Chan in London (additional dialogue - uncredited)
1934 Pursued
1934 Wild Gold
1934 Three on a Honeymoon (contract writer - uncredited)
1933 Walls of Gold (writer)
1932 If I Had a Million

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