Sunday, March 8, 2009

Class Two: Bonus post for a Sunday! A Comedian's Take on Evolution vs. Creationism

Because I love my students SO much, I've decided to share a very funny clip of a one of my favorite funny men talking about evolution vs. creationism. Dara O'Briain actually raises some pretty valid points in his support of evolution...

Please note: You may wish to play it a couple of times to get used to his Irish accent.
Warning: if you are offended by mild bad language, you might not want to play this.

If you enjoyed this clip, it's part of a DVD released in the United Kingdom called Dara O'Briain, Live at the Theatre Royal. I'm not sure it plays on all US DVD players, though, so if you order it, check the DVD region(s) to make sure they're compatible with your equipment.


Jason, as himself said...

Hello there. Thank you for clicking over and commenting today! It looks like you have a very interesting blog here...I must investigate further!

khaye said...

I love my students too! The video is a great treat !