Monday, January 3, 2011

Lecture One Clips: Varying Viewpoints on Separation of Church and State


What does separation of church and state mean to you?

Why did you take this course?

Let’s hear from some others, and discuss what they have to say:


Palin and Biden

President Obama

Hillary Clinton

Colorado US Sen. Candidate Ken Buck

Delaware's US Sen. Candidate Christine O’Donnell (showed up to 1:12 of 2:37 clip)

Rush Limbaugh defends O’Donnell 1:44

Bill Maher on O’Donnell and church/state (showed up to 2:20)

Chuck Norris on getting Bible taught in public schools

Separation of Church and Politics:

West Wing – Alan Alda and Martin Sheen – campaigning & churchgoing

Huckabee on Amending Constitution to God's Standards

– art imitates life –

Using Religious Grounds and/or Bible references to justify Positions on Issues/Policies:

West Wing Martin Sheen

O'Reilly on Washington state Christmas displays

Colbert Displaying Ten Commandments 5:37

Viewer Comment: Haha, anyone notice the point at the very end? Colbert goes, "Thank you for taking time away from keeping the Sabbath holy to talk to me." Priceless!

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